GVJackApp for magicJack Unaffected By XMPP Retirement May 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT - Nov. 3, 2013

According to recent announcements, Google has positioned their new advanced WebRTC oriented Google Hangouts platform as the future of Google Voice. In moving forward, Google intend to fully retire the use of the legacy XMPP signalling platform that is still supported in the Google Voice network in May 2014.

We can definitively confirm that the GVJackApp for magicJack is a next generation application that is completely signalling independent. It was also originally designed specifically with future WebRTC web based communication applications in mind that are now becoming a reality like the Google Hangouts platform. As a result, the GVJackApp for magicJack will not be adversely affected by Google's plans to retire XMPP signalling or by their decision to transition Google Voice over to the Google Hangouts platform. The same is true for our GVMate Phone Adapter and GVMate Phone products.

The GVJackApp for magicjack will continue to extend the VoIP based Google Voice calling capabilities that are built into a user's Gmail account to his/her phone and its keypad as it does today. A slightly modified version of the GVJackApp for magicJack that works with the Google Hangouts facility enabled in Gmail has in fact been working in our development lab for several months.

Prior to May 2014 and as soon as it is clear from Google that the Google Hangouts platform integration with existing Google Voice features has been completed, we will be releasing a free upgrade of the GVJackApp for magicJack that makes use of the new Google Hangouts facility in Gmail. From our internal assessment, the transition should to be fairly seamless to end users.

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