"MagicfeaturesPlugin" Features Dashboard Screenshot and Description of Custom Calling Features

Features Dashboard


1. Download and install the "Magicfeatures" Plugin on an Administrator account. Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Only (min. 800 Mhz CPU and 512 Mb RAM).
2. It must be added to any and all Firewall/Antivirus applications as a program exception with full privileges.
3. Your regular MJ or MJ+ dongle MUST be plugged into a USB port on your computer and running as per the manufacturer's instructions with a physical phone connected to it.
4. Once it has initialized, the little phone icon in the lower right hand portion of your screen will turn YELLOW.
5. To change feature settings, double click on the MagicfeaturesPlugin icon to open the "Features Dashboard".
6. Magicfeatures is specifically designed to be used with a phone and its keypad to provide a fully featured landline style calling experience.
7. To place calls and use feature activation codes dial using your phone keypad.


Caller ID with Name
:::The caller's name and number is sent to your phone after the first ring. An online reverse number lookup is attempted if the name cannot be located in the Speed Dial table entries. For cases where the reverse number lookup is not successful (i.e. private numbers, mobile phone numbers, international numbers, number not in database, etc...) the caller's location (state or country) is looked up and displayed.

Call Waiting Caller ID
:::The caller's name and number will be displayed on your phone. Note: Your phone MUST ALSO be Call Waiting Caller ID capable. There must be no blocking by any Firewalls or Antivirus applications otherwise this capability and all other advanced call waiting caller id related features will not be available.

Talking Caller ID
:::The caller's name and number will be verbally announced on your computer's default audio device after the first ring for non-blocked calls.

7 Digit Local Area Dialing
:::Only 7 digits need to be dialed for calls in the same area code as your phone number.

Voice Mail (Dial 98)
:::Dial 98 for quick access to your voice mail messages. Dial your voice mail password on your phone keypad when prompted.

Speed Dial (Dial 1 - 50)
:::Dial the Speed Dial number (1 to 50) you have associated with a given telephone number and name in the Speed Dial table.

Last Number Redial (Dial 66)
:::Redials the last phone number you called.

Call Return (Dial 69)
:::Dial 69 to return the call to the last caller that called your phone number. A busy tone will be received if the caller was anonymous.

Cancel Call Waiting (Dial 70)
:::Dial 70 and when you hear dialtone again enter the number you wish to call. Call waiting will be restored after you hang up. You may also use the Features Dashboard to disable call waiting for all calls.

Call Forwarding (Dial 72/73)
:::Dial 72 to enable call forwarding and optionally change the call forwarding number. Dial 73 to disable call forwarding. Your account password must be saved in the Call Forwarding Assistant located in the Features Dashboard.

Do Not Disturb (Dial 78/79)
:::All incoming calls will be blocked. All blocked calls are returned as "ignored" and sent to voice mail.

Anonymous Call Block (77/87)
:::Calls arriving without caller identification information will be blocked.

Priority Calls Only (Dial 64/84)
:::Any call arriving from a number that is not included in the Priority Call table will be blocked.

Selective Call Rejection
:::Enter the telephone numbers you want to block in the Selective Call Rejection table.

Blocked Call Chime with Caller ID
:::Blocked calls will briefly chime the phone once to remind you that blocking is active and send the caller id to your phone if it is available.

Hangup Blocked Calls
:::Calls blocked by Selective Call Rejection, Priority Calls Only or Anonymous Call Block screening will be hung up rather than being routed to voice mail.

Priority Call Ringing
:::Calls arriving from telephone numbers in the Priority Call table will be given a unique ringing cadence.

Priority Call Waiting
:::Calls arriving from telephone numbers in the Priority Call table will have a (P) prefixed to the caller's name on the phone display.

Call Waiting Disable
::: You can disable call waiting for all calls in the Features Dashboard.

Automated Extension Number Dialing
:::Comma pauses are supported in the Speed Dial table (i.e. the phone number entry 2025551212,4 will automatically dial extension 4 after a 3 second pause.

Automated Phone Card Dialing
:::Comma pauses and the transmission of * and # are supported are supported in the Speed Dial table (i.e. the phone number entry 8003331234,123456#,12025551212# will automatically dial phone card access number 8003331234, wait 3 seconds and then dial the PIN code entry 123456#, and wait 3 seconds and then dial the phone number entry 12025551212#.

Double Ringing (for External Answering Machine Pickup)
::: Ringing is done in 3 second intervals instead of the standard 6 second intervals. Your phone will physically ring 7-8 times instead of 3-4 times before routing to voice mail to facilitate the use of external answering machines. This feature does not increase the voice mail timeout timer. For Selective Call Answering Machine Pickup use the Priority Call Ringing feature.

Call Location Lookup (Dial **5)
:::Just dial **5 on your phone at any time during the call to attempt a reverse number to display the map location and address of the other party.

Call Recording (Dial ***)
:::Just dial *** on your phone at any time during the call to start call recording. Recording will be stopped when you hang up. A call recorder warning tone is optionally sent every 15 seconds. An option is also available to automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls. The feature should only be used according to the laws that apply to your jurisdiction. Note: This feature is not supported on MJ+ dongles.

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